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World’s Best + Easiest Bath Salts

Not long ago, I didn’t see the value in using bath salts.  Were they for luxury?  Were they for fun?  On top of that, I’m pretty sensitive to nasty smells and most bath salts smelled like an old lady’s house to me, which  – of course – I wasn’t interested in bathing in.

Enter doTERRA.  These amazing essential oils make the BEST bath salts and they actually have a purpose AND smell incredible!  Win-win, right?

Mixing doTERRA’s essential oils with Epsom salts can help the oils go farther and longer in the bath, while using oils in water actually magnifies their capacity to provide healing.
Here’s the recipe to make the World’s Best + Easiest DIY Bath Salts:

  1. Mix 4-6 drops of your favorite doTERRA essential oil with about 1 cup of Epsom salts in a glass jar (drop the oil into the salts and shake it up!)
  2. Use a few tablespoons to 1/4 cup of the bath salt mixture in one tub of warm water (gauge on your sensitivity)
  3. ENJOY!

Our family uses the “World’s Best + Easiest DIY Bath Salts” recipe ALL the time.  We use it to clear up all sorts of ailments* such as:

  •     Flu/Viruses – use OnGuard essential oil blend
  •     Congestion/Colds/Bronchitis – use Breathe essential oil
  •     Fevers – use Peppermint + Lavender essential oils
  •     Anxiety – use Serenity + Balance essential oil blends
  •     Depression – use Citrus Bliss or Elevation + Balance essential oil blends
  •     Insomnia/Help Relaxing to Sleep – use Serenity essential oil blend
  •     Body Aches/Pains – use Deep Blue essential oil blend
  •     Stopping pre-term labor contractions – use Lavender essential oil

Now you can make your own “World’s Best + Easiest DIY Bath Salts” and enjoy deep relaxation, health and symptom relief!  Let me know how it goes!

p.s. If you’d like to try any of these bath salt blends, send me an email {quinn – at – doterralove – dot – com} and I can send you some!  :)